If you’re running low on creative steam, use yourself for inspiration

It happens, life gets in the way or we experience writer’s block and can’t seem to keep afloat with writing output.

I’ve had a huge bank of stories ready to go and life got in the way and the next thing I know I’ve got nothing new to publish. Don’t let yourself get frustrated with this getting in the way of your success with writing on Medium.

What’s old is new again. In fact, you can just look to yourself for inspiration and repurpose stories you’ve already published on…

Why I hope they are and how it’ll inspire more to join the platform

We’ve seen some writers share screenshots of bonuses they’ve accumulated this month, which leads us to believe that the monthly bonus earnings could be here to stay!

Judging by these screenshots it’s looking like there may be tiers of earnings as well, which is new from last month. This is another good thing because it gives more writers an opportunity to learn and offers a bigger piece of the pie to writers as far as earnings go.

I did receive the bonus during their initial first…

Life doesn’t always work out the way you planned — and sometimes that’s a good thing

Life would certainly be a lot easier if it could go the way we all wished it could. But we know the road of life has many twists and turns to it.

I got married fairly young, fresh out of college, and I had a plan. I wanted three kids and I knew I had enough time to spread them out, but when the time came to start trying for a family I had a rude and humbling awakening.

Getting pregnant is not as easy as you’d think for some folks, and while I was blessed with ultimately realizing my…

As commencement speeches focus on you achieving your dreams — realize that your failures will give the greatest triumphs

It’s that time of year again where high school and college students will receive their diplomas and officially enter the real world.

It’s also a time where we’ll start to see some inspiring commencement speeches pop up.

Moving onto the next phase of our lives is exciting and also a little scary. Why? It’s the fear of the unknown.

I can’t help but think that if I had a crystal ball and had the answers to every question I’d have a…

Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs) is a system of selling services or goods through a network of distributors. How money is made is by earning a small portion of the sales from the products or services and by getting paid commissions for recruiting new members or “distributors.”

MLMs have been around for quite some time. Essentially they are a legal “pyramid scheme.” They’ve even tried to shift their language to steer and soften their image away from MLMs by referring to themselves as affiliates.

A red flag to identify whether or not you’re in an and MLM or an affiliate program is…

Despite the shock, here’s why I’m optimistic for the future

I received a bombshell of an email late last week saying that beloved publication P.S. I Love You would be shutting effective on June 30, 2021.

Like many, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here’s a publication that I had worked so hard to get into and have been fortunate enough to have some pieces published in.

With the recent changes to the Medium platform, this likely isn’t much of a surprise considering the shift Medium is taking. They’ve downsized their own staff, and cutting funding to publications like P.S. …

Some thoughts and tips to get you out of a writing rut

It’s inevitable that when you’re a writer you’re bound to hit a plateau and run out of ideas. Writer’s block is legit, but there are ways to overcome it. Here are some tips and tricks I use.

Write what you know

Writing what you know is a pretty simple concept. We’ve all had life experiences and we can even pull some knowledge together from our work backgrounds. There’s someone out there looking for information and you might just be the right person to share those insights.

Here’s how to do that

Professionally I’m in marketing so when…

Medium’s a great start, but there’s more for you on the horizon

Can I just say how grateful I am for Medium? Truly. It’s opened a lot of professional doors for me, allowed me to express myself, been a hobby, and I’ve made some money. What more can you ask for?

What Medium has done for me

While there are a few lucky ones on this platform who have made thousands just by writing their thoughts, Medium has allowed me to earn thousands by freelance opportunities.

That’s right. I’ve had the opportunity to freelance and ghostwrite blog articles for big brands like Indeed.com, …

Mostly, I’m going to just enjoy being a mom.

I’ve had a job where I’ve collected a paycheck since I was 16-years-old. The first time I had a break of more than two weeks was when I had my daughter four years ago.

And any mother can tell you, it’s not really a break when you have to heal from childbirth and get acquainted with parenthood.

As I prepare two have my second child later this summer I’m faced with the reality that I’ll need to put much of my professional life on hold again for a few months, and that brings me mixed feelings.

Family is my first…

Sarah Seweryniak

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