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This September my husband and I prepare to send our daughter off to preschool.

We had initially had her signed up for PreK3 this year, but with the pandemic raging, we opted to keep her home, because we knew we wanted to try to get pregnant and also didn’t want…

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Have you ever just sat back and reflected on where you were in your life just 365 days ago? Or wondered where you’d be 365 days into the future?

So much can happen in the span of 365 days. …

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We’ve all been there — we’ve put the time and energy into ideation of an article, writing it up, editing, and then hitting publish — hoping that the audiences of the internet will enjoy the journey of our story as much as we enjoyed writing it.

And shortly after we’ve…

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We’ve heard the song and dance before. And sadly it appears that all good things must come to an end.

If you haven’t been notified yet, Medium sent out the following information in an email as an update about the Medium Writer Bonus Program.

Where future of Medium bonuses stand?

How long does Medium plan to…

And how you can create one and start connecting today

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Medium is built around writers, creators, and those that love to consume content. Basically, we’re one connected community.

It’s highly important that you don’t simply rely on your follower count to build up your community, especially if you want to…

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Every single one of us is a miracle. Truly. Think about the odds of us being here. That out of millions of cells, one egg and sperm joined to create our life. …

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I’ve been writing consistently on Medium since February, and prior to that, I had spurts of productivity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

One of the many coveted positions many writers (mostly the newbies) hope to attain is top writer status in a specific category.


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What’s in a number? Many Medium writers are waking up to find their follower counts have changed. Some have even changed drastically, here’s why:

What Medium Did to the Follower Count

About a week or so ago I had gotten an email from Medium asking me to take a short survey. It was regarding followers on the…

We’re a community and we’re always a comment away

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If there’s one thing that’s become so clear to me during my writing journey on Medium, it’s that we’re a community. And like any community, we’re at our best when we’re building one another up!

There are many writers just getting…

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If you’re writing on Medium, especially if you’re paying for the platform, then the chances are you’re hoping for some success as a writer and content creator.

What makes someone successful on Medium?

As far as I am concerned, success comes in many sizes, shapes, and hues. …

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