Don’t Know What to Do With Your Life? Find Clarity With the Myers-Briggs Test

A personality test can offer you a chance to find life’s purpose

If we’re lucky, we’ll live a long life. And during that span of time, it’s very likely that we will feel lost with our life’s purpose. We’ll question what we should do and what path we should take to live a fulfilled life.

I was a communications major in college, and I took many psychology courses throughout my college career. Psychology is essential for a successful marketer in communications. It helped me connect with the world around me and allowed me to connect products and services with an audience through storytelling.

In one of my psychology classes, we were learning about various personality types. It was one of those classes that were inspiring and eye-opening. My instructor wanted us to explore and discover our personality and led us through a Myers-Briggs personality test.

What is the Myers-Briggs personality test?

The Myers–Briggs personality test is a self-reflective questionnaire that helps you uncover how you make choices and perceive the world.

There are four categories where your personality can align, and they include: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving. One letter from each category is chosen to create a four-letter test result.

There are 16 personality types

What I discovered about myself

According to the personality test I took, I am an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitor, Feeler, and Judger).

So what does that mean?

INFJ’s stand out for our imagination, compassion, integrity, and deeply held principles. I felt the INFJ personality type was spot on. Creating connections and changing people’s lives for the better has always been something that has sparked a passion within me.

From a career perspective, my personality is drawn to careers that can connect and help people. INFJ’s are great with roles as counselors, psychologists, teachers, social workers, yoga instructors, and spiritual leaders.

We also excel in writing, authoring books, blogs, and stories. INFJ’s personality type likes to focus on deeper themes of personal growth and purpose.

I felt validated reading the results and knowing I was on the right path with my career. It gives me a great sense of purpose.

While it’s important to live a fulfilled life, it’s even more important to ensure your career path aligns with your passions. We spend much of our life working, and I felt validated for where my life was headed with what I wanted to do since it aligned perfectly with my personality.

Why you should take the Myers-Briggs personality test

No one knows us better than ourselves. We live with our thoughts 24/7. We know what we are and aren’t capable of. We know our strengths and weakness.

But sometimes we can be blind to ourselves.

We can easily get caught up in the “I should do this because it’s what I’m supposed to do” and completely miss the point of our life purpose.

And during the moments where we feel lost, knowing our personality type can be the North star that helps keep us on course.

So what will the Myers-Briggs personality test tell you about yourself? You’ll get an in-depth look at your personality as a whole. The type of person you are. The test will tell you about your strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll get a deeper understanding of yourself and how you are in romantic relationships, friendships, and as a parent.

You’ll gain knowledge for your career path and what type of work environment would suit you best. Since work occupies much of our life, this information is vital for overall happiness. Because professional unhappiness tends to spill over into our personal lives.

Overall it’s a win-win experience to really dive deep into your inner psyche and have a better understanding of yourself. Because the relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important. You have to live with yourself, after all, so you should make each moment count.

Find yourself today and visit to take the test.

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