Getting it right, this year and beyond

Here are some good examples of goals for the New Year:

  • Make time for those who are important to you. This should be a no-brainer, but sadly we get caught up with work and our mission for success that we miss the important things that are passing us by. Everyone needs a break, and it’s OK to admit that. If you’re burned out, you will be no good to an organization or the people you care about. We are in a society that is geared to be constantly connected. Whether it is with a cellphone, text, social media, or email, there is always a way for someone to get a hold of us. It’s pretty surprising how quickly life will pass you by if you spend the majority of it looking at a screen. Take steps to take time to “shut down.” Start with an hour a day, work to an evening, or take a whole day. I guarantee you that you will feel recharged. Maybe you’ll even have some good old fashioned memories to share as well.
  • Take your health seriously. It’s pretty mundane to talk about health goals with the new year. It’s the most common New Year’s resolution, but take a serious look at where your health is at. It doesn’t have to be about losing those pesky pounds that won’t go away. Take steps like making sure you’re getting enough fluids, have at least one healthy meal a day, or creating a regular workout regime. Personally, I know when I have a balanced diet and regular workout routine, I have a mental sharpness and energy that serves me well personally and professionally.
  • Give. There have been a few times this year where I wish I was a multi-millionaire or have serious influence, because I have seen people who are in great need. I felt helpless in my role to help them. One of the greatest moments of enlightenment for me this year was that I realized you don’t have to have money to be charitable. We are rich with our thought, time, and sentiment. Sometimes people just need a little extra support when they are going through a rough time.
  • Continue on a path of professional enlightenment. I’ve spent the second half of 2017 really diving deep into professional development. It’s been eight years since I have graduated college in the field of Communications. A lot happens within the industry. It is important to stay up-to-date on practices in order to continue being effective in my field.
  • Building up my brand. I have to admit I have really neglected my individual social media marketing. Building your brand is extremely important. It is something that I recently learned while completing a Social Marketing Certification through Hootsuite Academy. I look forward to taking 2018 by storm with developing my brand and allowing it to serve not just myself, but others, for success. Starting this blog has really helped me take account the perspectives from my fellow marketing colleagues in the field. When networking with fellow colleagues, I was greatly inspired by their own content they would post. Featuring articles on the industry, how to improve marketing, and even some personal stories. I tip my hat to you, you’ve been an inspiration with helping me launch this medium.
  • Travel. One of the great privileges I had growing up was the opportunity my parents gave my brother and I with traveling. We didn’t take any elaborate trips, but we did take vacations that allowed for us to grow through our experiences. The most memorable trip was when I was four-years-old, when we went to Washington, DC and Gettysburg. Learning about our nation’s history and walking one of the most famous battlefields had a significant impact on me. There’s something truly special about traveling and learning about history and culture. It allows for growth, development, and enlightenment. I look forward to giving these opportunities to my daughter. I can’t wait to watch her grow and learn about her visions and perspectives on what she has lived and experienced.




I write about Marketing, Self-Improvement & Parenting | Increase your article read time and grow your Medium following:

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Sarah Seweryniak

Sarah Seweryniak

I write about Marketing, Self-Improvement & Parenting | Increase your article read time and grow your Medium following:

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